FOB Team Wins National Bronze at the China International College Students’ Innovation Competition with 'Warm Heart Housing' Project

Release date:2024/01/31
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The China International College Students’ Innovation Competition (2023), held from December 3rd to 6th, was successfully held at Tianjin University, and an excellent student team from the Faculty of Business won the national bronze award with their innovative project "Warm Heart Housing- Matching between urban elderly and young people".

The team was composed of five students: Xie Wenqing, Zong Jiayang, Xu Yujun, Hou Jinyang, and Zou Yanjie, with Assistant Professor Lu Yitian from the Faculty of Business as their advisor.

The team members expressed their heartfelt gratitude for their experience in the competition. They thanked the university for providing the platform and opportunity for the competition, and expressed their appreciation to Professor Lu Yitian for his guidance throughout the process. By participating in this competition, they not only achieved the bronze award but also gained valuable practical experience and knowledge. They gained a deep understanding of the current situation of aging in Chinese society and the challenges faced by migrant populations in cities. Additionally, they learned how to efficiently collaborate as a team, compare similar products, propose innovations, and think independently while working together. They pledged to learn from this successful experience and strive for better results in the next competition.

The project "Xinju" is an online platform/software that uses big data to provide precise roommate matching services for young migrants from first-tier and second-tier cities and local empty-nest elderly people over 60 years old. The platform offers personalized living services based on the needs and living conditions of both parties, enabling the two groups to live together and take care of each other more effectively.

The innovation and practicality of this project were highly praised by the judges, resulting in the national bronze award. The team members are proud and satisfied with this achievement and have expressed their commitment to continue improving and promoting this project to bring more value and impact to society.