Programme Introduction

1. About the International Business Cohort

The International Business Cohort is a programme is designed to nurture international business talents by equipping them with international awareness, global perspectives, and a strategic mindset. We invite renowned experts, scholars, and elites from the business sector to teach the Cohort, with English as the teaching medium. On top of the existing business courses, students can benefit from seminars on timely topics such as "Big Data", " Belt and Road Initiative", the integration of Eastern and Western cultures, leadership, innovation, and business startups. The Cohort recruits a small number of students who must meet the first admission line in the Annual College Entrance Examination.


The Faculty of Business has a strong academic tradition.  It has attracted a team of excellent teaching staff members from around the region and established solid exchange and cooperation relationships with tertiary education institutions in China and overseas. The Faculty of Business aims to nurture versatile talents to meet the demand from different social and business sectors. Macau, a prosperous city where east meets west, is a mature market economy with a unique industrial development pattern. 


The Faculty of Business relocated to new premises in August 2015. We will continue to identify and nurture in our students the skills, abilities, and talents required by the local and regional community. We will continue to develop ourselves as a Faculty with a recognizable profile that is well on course to winning an international reputation.


2. The Purpose of the International Business Cohort

The Cohort is designed to enhance the teaching level of CityU and the teaching quality of the Faculty of Business, thereby raising the overall reputation of CityU. It is designed to attract more excellent students to study in CityU and thus to accomplish one goal of its five-year development plan.


In order to comply with the Talent Priority Development Strategy and the talent nurturing goals of Macau SAR under the Thirteen Five Years plan, we aim to nurture and export talents who possess leadership skills and who will bring our society the reward of international competitive advantages, thereby fulfilling our social responsibility as an educational institution.


Students who meet the admission requirements of the Cohort and perform excellently may receive various amounts of scholarship or grants.


3. Admission and Application

Admission: An intake of 10-20 students for each academic year.

Eligibility: Applicants to the International Business Cohort must meet the following requirements.

Arts and Science students are eligible. Local Macau students who ranked among the top 5 in their class and obtained at least 85 marks in each subject; current Mainland students who are within the first admission line in the Annual College Entrance Examination; international students who passed the Entrance examination administered by the university.

Have good command of the English Language.

Possess outstanding academic performance and a pleasant personality and are in good health.

Students who attended and performed excellently in CityU Winter/Summer Camp will be at an advantage.


4. Program Features

      a. Small Class Teaching

Small class teaching, which focuses on student exponential and action learning; an interactive teaching method using case studies, role-playing, and simulation approaches. It is intended to improve English skills and provide a solid foundation.


  1. Open Mind Learning

Featured seminars are organized on a regular basis, on such topics as One Belt, One Road; Financial Ecology; the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area; Big Data Workshop; Renowned scholars and enterprise CEOs are invited to deliver talks and seminars to enable students to gain first-hand insight into current issues and business practices in the industry.


  1. Mentorship

The Faculty will appoint expert professors and business elites from the region to act as mentors to the students throughout their years at the university.


  1. Leadership Ability

Specific workshops are organized to train students to learn how to assume responsibilities and to equip them with team building and leadership skills.


  1. Entrepreneurship

Students who possess entrepreneurial interests are encouraged to participate in the "Shu Guang Entrepreneurship Project", initiated by the City University of Macau Faculty of Business Entrepreneurial Education Centre at Hengqin, to start up their own business. The project will provide initial startup grants and assign supervisors who are consultants from the World's Top 500 Businesses to provide counselling and supervision to students.


  1. Visits and Internships

The Faculty will organize field trips and visits to various kinds of enterprises and institutions, to enable students to gain exposure to business management. Experiential and Entrepreneurial Practice-based Internship placements for students will be arranged through the FOB in overseas enterprises in Hong Kong or Mainland China.


  1. Cross-cultural Study

Throughout their four years in the programme, all students will be encouraged to participate in each summer vacation on visits to North America, Europe and Asia respectively. Exchange visits to colleges and businesses in these countries are intended to allow them to gain cross-cultural experience and broaden their international insights.


  1. International Accreditations

The Faculty has won accreditation for its Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Business Administration Programmes from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and The Institute of Certified Management Accountants, CMA Australia. This establishes great opportunities for further studies by the students.


  1. Research and Development

Students are encouraged to participate in research and development projects undertaken by postgraduate students and Faculty members.


5. Teaching Staff

The program is strongly supported by a team of bilingual teaching staff from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, most of whom hold PhD degrees their professional areas. In addition, the team also draws on the knowledge of renowned professors and famous entrepreneurs such as Wen Yankee, Qiu Xiaohua, and others.


6. Teaching Arrangements

Compulsory Courses: Compulsory courses will be conducted in small classes with English as the medium of instruction. The courses will be taught interactively by means of case studies, role playing and simulation training.


General Education Courses: Students in the Cohort will take general education courses together with students from other programs, in order to enrich their general knowledge as well as to become acquainted with other students.


Auditing Postgraduate Courses: Students in the Cohort will be given the opportunity to audit some postgraduate courses. Credits will be granted if students successfully pass the relevant examinations.


International Youth Leadership Training Camp and Certificate Programs: The Faculty will organize lectures and seminars on special topics, such as One Belt and One Road and workshops on Big data.

Shu Guang Entrepreneurship Project: The Project offers venture funding to students who are ambitious to start their own business, with career counselors providing them with supervision. Depending on the performance and developmental stage of the business, follow-up funding may be offered.


English Activities: The English Corner provides a platform for students to practice the English language by organizing a variety of activities. These allow students to improve their English communication skills, to better prepare themselves to further their studies overseas.


7. Learning Outcomes

Students should acquire the following knowledge, skills, and abilities:

International Vision: To actively explore forefront issues in politics, culture, social science and technology.


Leadership: To develop leadership, executive and communication abilities and become an efficient manager.


Multicultural Management Knowledge: To be a critical and innovative thinker; to be capable of applying interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge to analyze and solve problems.


Acquaintance with Business Theories and Operations: To have a strong sense and understanding of local businesses; to be familiar with how domestic and foreign enterprises operate, from a perspective of strong and practical execution.


Interpersonal Communication: To be equipped with the ability to establish social networks and adapt to new work endeavors.


8. Career Prospects

Graduates from the International Business Cohort can:

Continue their tertiary education in Macau, Hong Kong, Europe or America for the Master's Degree and Doctoral Degree.


Receive exemption from admission examinations in CityU. (For distinguished graduates only)


Work in governmental administrative organizations.


Work in educational institutions, including CityU and its partners.


Work for businesses in Macau, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and the surrounding region, especially those which are partner institutions of CityU.


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