Vision, Mission, Values

The Faculty of Business (FOB) exemplifies the university's commitment to excellence in business education. With its long history and diverse students, FOB is pivotal in advancing the university's mission to serve Macau and the Greater Bay Area. The dedication and expertise of its growing faculty members, along with the university's strategic vision, ensure FOB's continued success and growth.


FOB Vision

The Faculty of Business (FOB) envisions itself as an institution that continuously adapts and innovates in response to the evolving socio-economic landscape of Macau. With the increasing integration with Hengqin and the affirmation of Macau's role as a dynamic platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, FOB aims to be a catalyst for sustainable business practices, technological advancement, and cross-cultural economic integration.


FOB Mission


The mission of the Faculty of Business is to cultivate a generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ethical grounding necessary to excel in the digital age.


FOB Values


  • Collaboration: FOB emphasizes the importance of collaborating in flexible environments and encourages interdisciplinary approaches to tackle intricate problems. The faculty and students are equipped with the awareness and skills necessary to effectively work together towards innovative solutions.

  • Diversity: FOB promotes an inclusive and empowering environment that values and respects the diverse perspectives and contributions of team members and stakeholders. By embracing diversity, FOB fosters a culture of mutual respect and understanding.

  • Intellectual Rigor: FOB adopts a scientific approach to the study of business and is committed to nurturing a stimulating and creative atmosphere. The faculty and students are dedicated to unraveling the most challenging problems through rigorous research and analysis.

  • Agility: FOB instills self-confidence in its students and faculty to navigate and make progress in uncertain, complex, and rapidly changing global business environments. FOB equips its members with the adaptability and agility needed to thrive in dynamic contexts.

  • Sustainability: FOB recognizes that business success must go hand in hand with the well-being of society and the preservation of the natural environment. FOB integrates the principles of sustainability into its programs, ensuring that its graduates understand the importance of responsible and ethical business practices that prioritize long-term sustainability.