The Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre is established as a research platform for faculty members, students, visiting scholars, and partners. The Center promotes interdisciplinary research that combines business with social sciences and technology. The Centre is currently focused on issues that connect the Greater Bay Area of China with other regions and emerging economies.
To facilitate research and broaden the horizons of multi-disciplinary knowledge in the Greater Bay Area region.
To enhance research about issues that impact the future of the Asia-Pacific region.
To integrate research projects with related activities of the Faculty of Business.
To provide a bridge between the Faculty and business enterprises and thereby integrate theory with practice.
Current Research Areas
  1. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the Greater Bay Area of China

  2. The impact of digital technologies in business, marketing, operations, accounting, and talent development

  3. Green Business and the Sustainable Development Goals

  4. The Asia-Pacific Regional Economy and Business Strategies in the area.

Kuai Peng IPPh.DProfessorAdvisor
Gavin ChauPh.DProfessorDirector