11. UBC Summer School and Internship - 张丁月 (ZHANG DINGYUE) (Imogen)

Release date:2020/03/30
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In June, I started a one-month short-term internship to learn some knowledge and application skills of accounting and auditing. In that month, I worked with a sister. Because I was almost younger, she took good care of me. She taught me how to read the accounting entries, how to find the required figures and calculate them, and how to make well-typesetting statements. We shared snacks and worked together. I was very grateful to have that sister's company for that month.

In July, my school friends and I went to Vancouver, and spent a short and substantial learning trip in UBC. In Vancouver, I got to know many excellent college students from all over the world, from whom I learned many excellent characters and methods of learning. Luckily, I also made a good friend there. She came from Chongqing, but she was studying in a university in Wuhan. We share the same interests, hobbies, and the same laugh points. We both like to laugh and have the same fancy to decoration. What was the most interesting thing was that all our classmates in Vancouver believed we are sisters. I still keep in touch with her after leaving Vancouver. I hope we can have a lifelong friendship.

In Vancouver for a month, my good friend Ma and I visited many places. For instance, we went to the Olympic village in Vancouver, where we sat on a long ropeway. At the top of the mountain, we enjoyed the snow mountain scenery. In the Olympic rings, we took many commemorative photos and rode a motorcycle to imagine ourselves to be heroic female heroes. We watched two movies together, a horror movie and a toy story movie. We tried giant buckets of popcorn at North American movie theaters. Unfortunately, we found that our Chinese stomachs weren't used to the strange taste there. I hung out with Ma in Chinatown having nothing to do. We saw a lot of people smoking marijuana and walked past them, almost suffocated to death. Then we were told that Chinatown was too rough to walk around. That gave us a real sense of survival.

Another unforgettable experience in Vancouver is the beach there. The sea there was very beautiful. On the beach, we enjoyed the international festival of Canada. When there are blossoming fireworks in front of you, the kind of beauty was really hard to describe. At the end of the journey in Vancouver, my good friend Ma and I went to the beach to chase a sunset, we said that this is called love after sunset, which was really a romantic and unforgettable experience.

For our courses at UBC, we studied international marketing and international business. The international marketing teacher was Macanese from Macau, but now lives in Vancouver. At the end of the course, we have a report for each course. In the report on international markets, we chose Coca Cola Company as the research object and we chose Godiva in the report on international business. Thanks to the joint efforts of all team members, we successfully completed all the reports and speeches. Thank you very much for this rare experience from which I learned a lot about group cooperation.

These are my summer activities. I had a happy and substantial summer life.