12. UBC Summer School - 唐冲 (TANG CHONG) (Aaron)

Release date:2020/03/30
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This summer vacation I went to the University of British Columbia for exchange learning from July 13th to August 13th. I think I have learned a lot from this meaningful experience.

To have a try to learn something new, I did not choose to learn business in UBC, which is my major in CityU. Instead, I took the Electronic and Computer Engineering course (ECE), which is an introduction to digital technology and smart devices and introduction to electric circuits, sensors, and power. Both courses were taught by UBC faculty, and were evaluated by exams, assignments and lab work. Although sometimes I found it quite difficult to understand the content in class, it was very enjoyable to have a process of communicating and cooperating with my partners. What is more, getting new knowledge from a new area also expanded my horizons.

During the time in UBC, in addition to learning professional knowledge, I also visited many good scenic spots. Such as the Victoria Island, Vancouver downtown, Kitsilano Beach and so on. And from these places, I think I have learned something about Canada. For example, in downtown, I now know about some city features of Vancouver; and I learned a lot about Canada’s history in the Vancouver Museum; and my state of mind was also broadened when seeing the awesome beaches in Tofino… In a word, Vancouver is a very peaceful place, and the local people are very warm-hearted, who helped me many times when I fell into some troubles.

In other aspects, what is more important I think is that my English language ability improved a lot in this exchange program. Maybe this is because living and communicating with foreigners in a totally English-speaking environment can really inspire people's potential to use English well. I also think the learning atmosphere in UBC had some positive effects on my personal study habits. All students there love studying, they all worked hard and it seemed like most of them always have some new interesting questions to explore. Fortunately I became good friends with some of them who are from different universities, and I think this will be very useful for my future development.

In summary, not only did this exchange program in UBC have some good impacts on my study attitude which helped me determine to become a better student, but also I learned how to adopt a more positive outlook about life from the warm-hearted and peaceful Canadians. I believe I will become a more positive man in future, and I will never forget this experience.