10. UBC Summer School - 夏雨露 (XIA YULU) (Cherry)

Release date:2020/03/30
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  In the middle of July, I went to UBC to join my summer program. On the school days, we had 6 hours’ class in the whole day, that was 3 hours’ marketing management class in the morning and 3 hours’ international business class in the afternoon. There were so many canteens that we could try different tastes every day. After class, the school also organized a lot of activities to add color to our campus life. For example, watching baseball games, a talent show, and pizza kitchen. On Aug 8th, we passed our finals, with a graduation ceremony following. On Sunday afternoon, we ate, talked, and laughed at a ship with sunlight and sea wind. Everything was so wonderful but it meant we would soon be apart. What a pity! We made so many interesting friends we may not meet in later life. Aug 10th, one day I need to remember, was my 18th birthday when I tried to challenge myself to do some extreme sports--parachuting. When I dropped from the airplane, it was so cool at 12000 feet that I cannot find a suitable word to describe my feeling at that moment. And I wonder if I will try some other extreme sport later. The last day in Vancouver, I went to Lighthouse Park to see a meteor shower at midnight. Goodbye Vancouver in a special way, goodbye my friends, goodbye old Cherry.

  My summer ends, and new life is coming.