3. NUS Enterprise Summer Programme - 周雨琪 (ZHOU YUQI) (Rain)

Release date:2020/03/30
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The two-week long summer vacation project of NUS has enabled me to learn a lot. My dear Clan 6 has partners from all over the world, who let me know and understand the different ways of thinking caused by different cultures. Brainstorming can happen when we discuss problems together. At the same time, the school arranged visits to different companies and lectures, which enabled me to learn a lot about entrepreneurs' experience and entrepreneurship stories. Another excellent part of this summer program I want to mention was that the first day of activity in Singapore also gave me a deeper understanding of Singapore, a city with many immigrants and diverse cultures. It's a pity to mention that I went to Universal Studios on the only day off. I took Gryffindor uniforms all the way to the park, only to find a Harry Potter theme park! This was really sad for me!