4. NUS Enterprise Summer Programme - 宋炫 (SONG XUAN) (Dazzle)

Release date:2020/03/30
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Summer program!!! This was the fantastic part in my summer. Also it was my challenge to study abroad. There was an interesting thing. All of us were assigned randomly to different clans. In fact, all the clan members came from different countries. That meant I need to live with them every day without Chinese. My clan ambassadors were NUS students and they helped us a lot to catch the new life in NUS. ASEAN participants occupied the main part. I was so lucky that there was a girl studying in Russia. She was European! We had lectures and visited companies every day. Also figured out our start-up project. I studied quite late and woke up so early. I lost weight during these days. I am glad to gain the friendship. They were lovely!

Then I took part in a badminton competition and won the champion in men’s single and men’s double. I won a prize and it really inspired me.

There was a life-experience memory, I had a self-driving trip to beach. I drove for almost 4 hours to reach the destination. Actually, it was exhausting and you needed to be alert for everything while you are driving. I controlled five guys’ lives including mine. Like a junior god. We booked a wonderful hotel. We had easy access to the water park. Inflatable floats were available. We were really into playing these funny things and enjoyed ourselves.

A great summer right?