2. NUS Enterprise Summer Programme - 刘子豪 (LIU ZIHAO) (Leo)

Release date:2020/03/30
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In NUS, I experienced the charm of an excellent university. Although I failed to have an internship experience like most of my friends, the summer camp of NUS was also a valuable process. The students in the camp, most of them, were super excellent. They were likely to be the best students from their own countries or own school. They came there with their ideas, or their new startups. At first, it was really hard to get used to, the accommodation was a bit harsh, and there were also lots of students from different ASIAN countries in the same clan, and everyone even had different accents. Singaporeans speak Singlish and my Indonesian friends speak English even worse than I do. Most of the time, we had to rely on mobile phone translation software to communicate.

I really came to know many friends, where, also thanks to everyone caring, or may be because everyone had a great interest in China, every time out on the way back, there was always someone to chat with me, and they even don't mind my jabbering English.

In fact, what made me uncomfortable at first was that everyone seemed to have an idea or was on their way to starting a business (which I think is because of their situation inside their countries, making owning the startup a trend among them). Therefore, I always felt aimless and confused in every class at first, and I felt even more embarrassed when the professor asked us about our entrepreneurial ideas. Considering the current development prospects of the Greater Bay Area, it really made me tempted to join an entrepreneurial team.