1. NUS Enterprise Summer Programme and Internship - 叶颖诗 (YE YINGSHI) (Cynthia)

Release date:2020/03/30
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This Summer 2019 must be the most fullfilling, wonderful and memorable summer in my life. During this summer, I learned and experienced a lot. I have also grown up from these experiences. My summer 2019 is all about travelling, studying and internship!

The most wonderful and memorable experience in my summer must be the exchange program in NUS. I didn’t expect much joining this program at first and hesitated for quite some time whether to participate in it because the program fee was expensive for me but thankfully I went ahead with it! I learned a lot during this program. This program gave me an opportunity to learn from many experienced and excellent professors and smart students who are all from different countries. There are many classes every day so we need to get up early to attend the classes. Every class is on a different topic about how to start up a company. It is a new topic for me because I haven’t thought of starting up a company. I felt stressful studying with them because they all already have a start-up ideas and detailed plans and even some of them have already started up a company! They helped me a lot to understand these start up theories and gave me many examples on how to use them. Now, I know how to start up a company! This program also gave us a lot of opportunities to visit some famous companies and learn how they started up such as Shopback, Gojet, Google, Carosell and so on. Their start-up ideas are so creative and inspired me a lot. One of the companies that left a deep impression on me was the Changi Airport. I was so amazed that this airport was so creative, with high technology that made it worth the award for the best airport in the world. In order to let visitors make good use of their time when waiting to check-in and go aboard, Changi airport has built many entertainment facilities, shopping malls and food counts. For example, the Changi experience studio. There are a lot of different games you can play such as sustainable bicycling, musical instruments and some games related to the airport management. Not only can visitors learn more about the operation of the airport, but also visitors can enjoy the time when waiting. They can enjoy the amazing waterfall, botanical gardens, and eat Singapore local cuisine while shopping and playing some games. It is this start-up idea that inspired me a lot. If you want someone to not feel bored and complain about the long waiting time, the best solution is not to reduce the time that the crew check and prepare the plane. On the contrary, the best way is to let the consumers feeling happy when waiting. What’s more, my English improved a lot since I tried to understand the different accents during this program. My clan members taught me a lot of local expressions too. Moreover, I made many life-long friends during this program. We shared our culture and language with each other. They also inspired me a lot in studying. I was so amazed by how individuals from different countries and cultures can forge such deep bonds in this short program. I also travelled to many famous tourist attractions and tasted a lot of local food with them. I really enjoyed and miss the time I spent studying and travelling in Singapore.

In early June I visited Yunnan province in mainland China to challenge climbing the snow mountain and in August I worked in a company as an intern. During it I also learned a lot. I explored the culture and local food in Yunnan Province and enjoyed the beautiful view on the top of the snow mountain. The internship helped me use what I have learned in school and practice it in reality. I learned how to communicate with clients, how to deal with different cases and so on. I gained many new experience in working now!

This summer was really productive and meaningful for me. I have learned a lot and it help me growing up. I was inspired by the students in the exchange program, because they were passionate and energetic in learning. It is they that let me study harder and encourage me to chase my dream. I will never forget this wonderful and fulfilling summer forever!