FOB Guest Speaker Mr Minoru Tamura sharing of Japan Unique Employment System for BBA Year 2 Student

Release date:2024/02/22
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On February 21st, the FOB are delighted to have Senior Lecturer Minoru Tamura from Tokushima Bunri University in Japan to have a lecture sharing with our give BBA year 2 students. The lecture's topic was "Japan's Employment System - Characteristics of Membership-based Employment."

In the lecture Mr. Tamura has shared the two employment systems in Japan: one is the job-based employment system (as a global standard), and the other unique membership-based employment system in Japan. Mr. Tamura introduced the unique employment system and explained the characteristics of differences between “Job based employment” and “Membership based employment”. Other than that, the advantages and disadvantages of membership based employment also explained to our student by giving some examples when the lack of sufficient specialization among employees and the lack of investment in employee education but trainings provided by companies in Japan.

During the lecture, Mr. Tamura has shared one the characteristics of the membership-based system is able to stabilize the unemployment rates in Japan compared to other countries in Europe. During economic crisis, the unemployment rate in Japan has not rise significantly due to the job rotation in Membership-based Employment. The wages system work in the “Membership based employment” also shared to students. 

Students were actively asking questions about Membership-based Employment, and got to know that it actually started after the World War II in Japan. Student also raised questions about other work type like high technology jobs also applicable in the Membership-based Employment. One of the student asked whether Mr. Tamura will prefer to teach in Macau or Japan, of course, he will stay in Japan because he loves his country, says Mr. Tamura.

The lecture was wrapped up by sharing with our students with a new exposure to understand the employment system in Japan. It was a great sharing, hope the FOB can have more opportunities to have people from different industries to share their experiences and knowledge.