14. Tongji University Summer School and Volunteer, Wildlife Conservation Base, Sydney, Australia - 张正 (ZHANG ZHENG) (Spice)

Release date:2020/03/30
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My summer vacation, without any doubt, was an unforgettable and amazing journey.

    My first destination was Shanghai, however, I was not going to have fun, instead taking part in a summer program organized by Tongji University. The courses I took were about innovation and design. In the beginning, I thought it was not relevant to my major and had not much interest in them. But after a few days learning and visiting, I started to love the courses. During the program, I saw the sparkling night on the Shanghai bund; I met lots of good friends from Macau, Hongkong and Taiwan; I learned the essential characteristics of Shanghai entrepreneurs and the reason why Shanghai can grow so fast and become one of the business center in the world: innovation; I made a presentation about smart entertainment and learnt many awesome ideas about smart life; also, I realized the great pressure of living in Shanghai and how difficult it is to start a business and be successful in Shanghai. Talking to many famous Shanghai entrepreneurs, I felt really proud. Though the program only lasted 14 days, I learned a lot and didn’t really want to leave. I hope I can reunite with my new friends in Shanghai in the future.

    My last destination was Sydney. I’m sure it’s the most unforgettable part of my vacation. In the first few days, I traveled to every corner of Sydney’s downtown, such as Darling Harbor, Bondi Beach and the Rocks. But what made me most shocked is the scenery I saw on the boat: the sky and the sea was so blue that they became one. The sun was shining and wind was blowing…… Something came to my mind: the first people who came to this continent must have felt just like me! It was really beautiful. After these, I experienced the Tree Top Park, where you need to cross the trees 10 meters high. I was very scared and nervous at first, but after crossing a tree, I felt so excited that I couldn’t wait to finish them all. Then I went to a wildlife conservation base as a volunteer. What I did was prepare food for animals and clean their habitats. Luckily, I touched koalas and kangaroos and took a selfie with them.