8. Internship, China Construction Bank - 姜智远 (JIANG ZHIYUAN) (Evan)

Release date:2020/03/30
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My summer vacation started with a dragon boat competition held in Macau. On June 1st, along with another 11 teammates I represented our school at the attend Macau International Dragon Boat Races. And we finally got the second place among all the universities in Macau. After training for the whole year, it’s all that 58 seconds matter. The moment I heard the broadcast announced that we were the silver-medal winner, I just couldn’t keep my dumb arms down, waving and yowling. And when I stepped on the medals podium facing cameras and faces, all I could feel is delight and satisfaction.

Starting to feel bored staying at home for a couple days, I found myself a job to do. It was an internship in China Construction Bank as a hall manager. Actually it is my first job and I was looking forward to it. It went pretty well until I realized I’ve been fooled! The contract that I signed said I only need to do the job of hall manager, but later on the bank assigned me to do the sales job! I have to stay at a gas station for 10 hours every day asking every car passing by whether they need a credit card, insurance for cars or the electronic toll collector. It was in the middle of the internship, and if I quit I can’t get any compensation, so I have to insist. It was hot as hell in that gas station and I would never forget it. But through this experience, I got in touch with all kinds of people and acquired a bit of knowledge about how the bank really works. Last but not the least, I’ve gained friendship with my colleagues. They are all really nice people. And I hope to see them again one day in the future.