6. Volunteering in a Malaysian School - 刘嵩铃 (LIU SONGLING) (Kitty)

Release date:2020/03/30
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If you ask me how I spent my vacation this summer, I would like to use three words to describe it before I start to tell the story ---surprising, unbelievable and unforgettable.

To be honest, I had never imagined I could get the opportunity to go abroad to be an international volunteer. I went to Malaysia to teach the students in Furong Middle School there.

I remember just starting to prepare for the task, I was truly afraid of going to a hundred-year-old school in Furong Middle School, Malaysia. That was because I was just a sophomore with no overseas experience. My heart was filled with tension and worry. Before going to do a good preparation, I tried to prepare well to demonstrate the content of the class very clearly and simply. I did not want to make my content too serious and difficult to encourage the students to have high interest. This kind of thinking disappeared after I had arrived in Malaysia. All sincere and lovely teachers and classmates were very kind to us and let us as if to return to our home. I remember the first day when we went to have lunch in the canteen, the students were coming to eat at the same time. It was the first time we were so close to each other. But when the students walked up to us and chatted with us happily saying, Hello teacher, are you teachers from China? Teacher, will you come to teach our class? What will you teach? Welcome to you! At that moment, all the panic was dispelled by their beautiful smiles. From then on, we have embarked on a wonderful and unforgettable volunteer experience with our students in Fuzhong.

Every day in the canteen even if the class is in haste they will conscientiously wash the dishes and then go to have classes. If there is a small piece of confetti on the ground they will take the initiative to bend to pick it up. Vice-Chancellor Chen made sure the classrooms were well and carefully arranged with blackboards and posters, and the campus was clean and tidy. Students gave warm and polite greetings. And all the concerns from teachers and students let us appreciate the personality, charm and good cultivation of the school. In the classroom, we started to share the experience of traditional Chinese culture with students. We taught them traditional Chinese folk music, Cantonese tea culture, Chinese calligraphy culture and other topics. In order to make ready all the things to show, we prepared carefully. We hoped that every second of each lesson can be perfect. Of course, this is not only an output class but also a process for learning and improving ourselves. So at the end of each class, we also had some activities such as changing the reward mode, more interaction with everyone, and joining the live performance of Guzheng to let everyone enjoy the classroom atmosphere. In the process of learning from each other in this way, I also have the same harvest as my classmates. Fuzhong is a particularly warm-hearted middle school. I really love that place. If I have the opportunity, I will try to go there again to visit the city, the school and the friends.

My summer holiday was not just quite interesting, but it is unforgettable for me.