Full-time Academics

Bingjie Xu, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Economics, Shenzhen University
Kaidong Yu, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Marketing, University of Glasgow
Liujian Huang, Assistant Professor
Ph.D in Management Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology
Danni Ma, Assistant Professor
Ph.D in International Business, University of Technology Sydney
Xunzhuo Xi, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Accounting, University of Macau
Xue Pang, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Strategic Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Jose Ferreira Pinto, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Business and Administration, University of Macau
Limeng Yu, Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)
Zucheng Zhao, Assistant Professor
PhD in Finance, University of Reading
Yun Yin, Assistant Professor
PhD in Economics, University of East Anglia
Kyeongah Lee, Assistant Professor
PhD in International Economics & Finance, Brandeis University
Bangxing Yu, Assistant Professor
PhD in Accounting, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Cathy Hang I Cheong, Senior lecturer
Master in Accountancy, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Wei Wei Seah, Senior lecturer
MSc in Business Administration, Central Queensland University
Mona Xu, Lecturer
MSc in Finance, Imperial College London
Hsi Ting Yang, Lecturer
MSc in Marketing, University of Stirling
Weng Neng Lam, Lecturer
Master in Business, University of South Australia
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