Scholars from Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University visit Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre of City University of Macau

Release date:2018/03/16
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On the afternoon of December 12th, a six-member delegation led by Kikkawa Gen, the Director of Hiroshima Peace Institute of Hiroshima City University visited City University of Macau. They were warmly received by the Assistant Rector, Ip Kuai Peng and the Associate Executive Dean of the FOB, Prof. Eva Khong, Prof. Priscilla Roberts, Programme Coordinator of International Business Cohort, FOB professors Lou Shiyan and Lin Deqin for a meeting. Participants of this meeting also included: Vice Director of Hiroshima Peace Institute, Mizumoto Kazumi, along with the Institute Members Associate Professor Son Hyun Jin and Associate Professor Takemoto Makiko.


Pro-Rector Ip expressed his heartfelt welcome to the guests. Prof. Khong introduced the University’s scenery and facilities, and showed them the Faculty of Business, she indicated that the Faculty of Business had been expanding on all levels, over the past thirty years, the Faculty of Business had been actively developing international collaboration and exchange projects. She remarked that the research centre worked on contemporary issue in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide, as well as provide a platform to heighten research results. Director Kikkawa Gen in turn stated that the current development and research area of Hiroshima Peace Institute. He expressed the wish to take this opportunity to collaborate more fully with City U. A number of matters were then discussed by both parties, including the development direction and arrangements for multiple collaborations.