FOB invites Professor John Horton Conway of Princeton University for academic exchange at City U

Release date:2017/04/20
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In late April 2017, the Faculty of Business invited the renowned Professor of Mathematics John Horton Conway to take part in various academic exchanges during a one-week visit to Macao. Rector Shu Guang Zhang met with Prof. Conway on 20th April, and the two had a very agreeable conversation about educational and academic matters.

Professor Shu Guang Zhang, the Rector of City University of Macau; Dr. Eva Khong, Executive Associate Dean of the Faculty of Business; and Professor Priscilla Roberts, Programme Coordinator of the International Business Cohort, met and talked with Prof. Conway for half an hour in an office in the Tai Fung Building. Prof. Conway is a world-famous Professor of Mathematics. He graduated from the University of Cambridge, where he taught for many years, before becoming John von Neumann Professor of Mathematics at Princeton University. Rector Zhang welcomed Prof. Conway and introduced the history and recent development of both Macao and City U to him. Prof. Conway shared some of his teaching experiences at Princeton University, in a very enjoyable conversation.

Prof. Conway visited the Asia-Pacific Research Centre in the Faculty of Business and advised researchers associated with it on how best to pursue research. He provided valuable suggestions to the Centre, especially in terms of utilizing analytical methodologies using different kinds of data.

In addition, Prof. Conway took part in a dialogue on “The World of Mathematics: An Introduction”, which Prof. Roberts hosted in the Luso-Chinese Building. Prof. Conway shared his professional experiences and knowledge with the International Business Cohort and numerous City U teachers and students.  He encouraged students to explore different fields and be bold in taking on challenges. FOB teachers and students were glad to have the opportunity of communicating with Prof. Conway and gaining new information on foreign scientific research, especially in the field of mathematics. Before the meeting formally began, Prof. Conway played the mathematical game of Dots and Boxes with some of the students. The seminar ended in a very pleasant atmosphere, as Prof. Roberts presented Prof. Conway with a souvenir of Macau City U.

Last but not least, Prof. Conway had many informative conversations with FOB teachers on global trends in academic research and development. FOB teachers and students were honored by his presence, and felt they learned a great deal their diverse communications with Prof. Conway.