DBA students visited the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Release date:2023/11/17
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On 16 November 2023, Professor Gavin Ka Yin Chau from FOB, City University of Macau led DBA students to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for communication and learning, broadening their horizons and cognition of the application of advanced technologies such as VR, meta-universe and artificial intelligence in the business environment.

During the trip, Professor Tang Yuk Ming from PolyU explained the cutting-edge knowledge of VR and meta-universe to the students, and led everyone to experience VR and meta-universe lab. It can be addressed that the Hong Kong Polytechnic University is the pioneer to create a master degree in metaverse engineering, which can be in a leading position in the academic research and teaching application of VR and metaverse.

Then the students visited the State Key Laboratory of Ultra-Precision Machining Technology of PolyU. 

Finally, they visited the Artificial Intelligence Design Institute in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. The Institute, co-founded by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Royal College of Art, is the first AI design research and development platform in the Asia-Pacific region for developing knowledge and technologies that facilitate the scientific principles of design, new design processes and creative products.

In a word, students have gained a lot. The trip can not only help to understand the advanced technology and application, but also provide new ideas and methods for future academic research and management work. Moreover, it laid the foundation for the further cooperation and communication between PolyU and CityU.