Company Communication: Huaxing Intelligent Manufacturing

Release date:2022/06/02
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Recently, Gavin Chau, Associate Dean and Kwong Yee Fong, MBA Programmes went to Huaxing Intelligent Manufacturing to share the latest policy information on the Talent Sharing Mechanism in Zhuhai-Macau Region. Accompanied by the General Manager of Huaxing, they visited the enterprise environment and being introduced the current development, the future strategic research, production and operation direction of Huaxing.


Director of the Greater Bay Area FinTech Lab said that the current Zhuhai-Macau Cooperation Zone focusing on the development direction of emerging industries, such as high-tech, modern finance, medical and health, and processing of Macau's characteristic brands. The Macau SAR Government actively responds to the demand for talents in such industries and enhances its attraction to high-level talents. Against such a background, promoting the integration of higher education in Macau into the development of the Greater Bay Area is crucial to the cultivation of talents and the exchange of science and technology.


Huaxing will strengthen technical exchanges with the universities of Macau in the future and introduce related professionals such as foreign technology. It can also conduct business cooperation with Macau industrial enterprises to find new opportunities and needs, and jointly contribute of the Greater Bay Area and National development.


Source: Huaxing Intelligent Manufacturing WeChat Official Account