FOB Hosts Mr. Paulo Andrez for an Inspiring Workshop

Release date:2024/04/11
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On April 10th, the FOB hosted a workshop with Paulo Andrez, author of "Zero Risk Start-Up" and emeritus President of the European Business Angels Network as the guest speaker to give a wonderful speech to the FOB students.


He made a presentation on the elimination or mitigation of risk in new ventures so that access to financing by new ventures can be dramatically expanded. He provided a very rich set of examples from his cumulative experience as entrepreneur, mentor and investor. These examples not only offer valuable insights and strategies but also provide students with practical examples of handling risks, allowing them to better understand and apply the knowledge they have acquired.


A long session of Q&A followed where students raised many questions about the challenges for aspiring entrepreneurs and took advice about the pursuit of their future professional careers. They exhibited a strong interest and desire to learn about overcoming the difficulties in the entrepreneurial journey and establishing a robust career. Mr. Paulo Andrez answered their questions in detail and provided valuable guidance and practical experiences, enabling the students to gain a clearer understanding of their goals and develop suitable strategies for their future career pursuits.