The Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre is a research-based academic unit allied with the Faculty of Business of the City University of Macau. It is established both to facilitate faculty research and to provide a platform for research interactions between academic staff members and students from the Faculty. Faculty of Business academic staff members, largely recruited from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region, possess substantial research expertise in the humanities, economics, and business practices. The Centre strives to focus and promote research activities relevant to emerging business, economic, social and cultural developments across the region.



  1. To enhance existing high quality research on regional and global issues in the Asia-Pacific and worldwide, and to facilitate further research to broaden the horizons of multi-disciplinary knowledge in the region.
  2. To assimilate and coordinate relevant resources to establish an integrated platform that will support individual research and collaborative research projects, together with related activities, including teaching and training, and will also serve the broader community. 
  3. To provide a bridge that will heighten research interactions and engagement between business enterprises, the Faculty and the Centre, and thereby strengthen the links between the theory and practice of business management.


Research Scope

  1. Categories of Research 
    1. Academic Research: To facilitate scientific academic research focusing on contemporary issues in the Asia-Pacific Region and worldwide. 
    2. Business Projects: To establish synergistic collaborative research efforts between business institutions and academics that will examine issues of joint interest in the business setting.
  2. Major Research Areas
    1. Financial Research: Studies on regional financial development, the Characteristics of Macau’s Financial Industry, and the Macau Financial Ecosphere; and collaborative ventures with Professional Accounting and Financial Associations designed to encourage and develop further research that will be of value to all parties concerned. 
    2. Research on Business in the Asia-Pacific Region: Research will focus on themes relating to issues of vital concern to the Asia-Pacific Regional Economy and Business Strategies in the area, including Human Resource Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Operational Management and Information Technology.
    3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research: The Centre provides an interdisciplinary platform, a base from which the University can conduct entrepreneurial research and also undertake incubation projects.
    4. Business Case Study Bank: The Centre aims, in cooperation with academic and business institutions across the region, to develop business case studies that will provide teaching and reference materials that all involved can use.

​​Key Researcher


  Gavin Chau  Ph.D Assistant Professor  Director



  Priscilla Mary ROBERTS  PhD. Associate Professor  Co-Director