Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre

Pioneering Research at the Crossroads of Cultures

The Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre at the Faculty of Business, City University of Macau, serves as a dynamic hub for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. Situated at the unique intersection of Eastern and Western cultures, our centre promotes cutting-edge scholarship that transcends boundaries and addresses the complex challenges of the modern business landscape.

Vision and Aims

Our vision is to be a leading force in shaping the future of business research and innovation, with a particular focus on the Greater Bay Area and its connections to other regions and emerging economies. We aim to:

Facilitate interdisciplinary research that integrates business, social sciences, and technology, broadening the horizons of knowledge in the Greater Bay Area and beyond.
Tackle pressing issues that impact the future of the Asia-Pacific region through collaborative and forward-thinking research initiatives.
Seamlessly integrate our research projects with the diverse academic activities of the Faculty of Business, fostering synergies and practical applications.
Bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring our research translates into tangible solutions that drive sustainable growth and innovation.
Research Focus

Our research agenda is strategically aligned with three pillars that reflect the unique strengths and position of Macau:

Leveraging Macau's dynamic business environment, we explore cutting-edge innovations that shape the future of industries, from fintech and AI to sustainable tourism and urban development.
Building on Macau's commitment to environmental stewardship, we delve into sustainable practices, circular economies, and responsible business models that balance economic growth with ecological conservation.
Capitalizing on Macau's role as a global crossroads, we examine the complexities of cross-cultural management, international entrepreneurship, and the integration of diverse economies within the Greater Bay Area and beyond.
The Center’s Management Team
  • Kuai Peng Ip: Vice-Rector, Professor, and Dean of the Institute for Research on Portuguese Speaking Countries, Advisor of the Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre. Research Areas: International Relations and Portuguese Speaking Countries.

  • Gavin Chau: Professor, Director of the Asia-Pacific Business Research Centre. Research Areas: Quality Management, Logistics Management, Strategic Management, Sustainability, Innovation.

Distinguished Faculty

Our esteemed faculty comprises leading experts and scholars who bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives to our research endeavors:

  • José Alves: Leadership, Cross-border Entrepreneurship, International Management

  • José Paulo Esperança: Entrepreneurship, Small Firm Financing, Emerging Multinationals, Corporate Governance

  • Tian Yihui: Sustainable Supply Chain Management, Industrial and Regional GHG Emission Mitigation

  • Kevin Hannam: Mobilities, Transport, Urban Design, Logistics, Innovation

  • Xie Dejun: Option Pricing, Credit Risk, Interest Rate Modeling and Derivatives, Mortgage Valuation, Innovative Business Models, Carbon Emission Optimization, Energy and Environmental Finance

  • Ge Mei: Marketing Management, e-Commerce, Medical Service Management, Health Management

  • Guo Jingwei: Optimization of Railway Transport, Transport Economics, Option Theory and Supply Chain Risk, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our approach. We actively cultivate partnerships across disciplines within the university, as well as with industry leaders, esteemed institutions in the Greater Bay Area, and renowned scholars from Portuguese-speaking countries. These collaborations enable us to tackle complex challenges from diverse perspectives, generating insights that transcend traditional boundaries.

Join Our Journey

We invite scholars, industry partners, policymakers, and visionaries from around the world to join us in our pursuit of excellence in research and innovation.