The FOB invites Ms. Jacinta Ho to deliver a special lecture to DBA students

Release date:2024/02/05
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On February 2nd, in the Ho Yin C C, the FOB invited Ms. Jacinta Ho to deliver a unique lecture to the DBA students.


At the beginning of the event, Dean José Alves warmly welcomed the arrival of Ms. Jacinta Ho and presented her with a souvenir and a group photo as a gesture of welcome.


Firstly, Ms. Ho introduced herself to the students and shared her experiences in work and management. She explained the situation of the Macau market, including the employment market, as well as an analysis of the unemployment rate in Macau before and after the pandemic. She then focused on the changes in the gaming industry and provided a detailed analysis, provoking the students' thinking.


In addition, Ms. Ho mentioned the various challenges that Macau has been facing and highlighted the perspective of diversifying the economic development of Macau. After that, she introduced the "1+4" Econ Strategy for moderate diversification to help students gain a deeper understanding of Macau's development. Finally, the speaker proposed suggestions for addressing the existing problems in the Macau market and encouraged students to actively engage in research on the Macau market and collaborate with the industry to tackle challenges together. Students actively asked questions during the lecture and engaged in academic discussions with the speaker.


After the lecture, Dean José Alves supplemented the class, helping students integrate the knowledge they had previously learned with the content of the lecture.


This special lecture not only enriched the students' knowledge but also inspired their thinking about the Macau market. The FOB will continue to organize similar activities to provide students with more valuable learning opportunities and practical experiences.