BA103 - Introduction to Business

BA103 - Introduction to Business

Basic Information
Course TitleIntroduction to Business
Course CodeBA103
Credit Value3

Course Description

This course provides students with an understanding of what a business is, how it operates, and how it is managed. It includes topics such as economics, structure, financing, management, ethical and social responsibility of businesses, marketing, and distribution. Upon completing this course, students will be prepared for advanced business courses. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to learn how to behave as consumers, employees, and citizens in the economic environment

Course Learning Outcomes(CLOs)

1. Business fundamentals include legal and ethical frameworks, assessing, recruiting, and retaining top talent

2. Develop analytical and critical thinking skills to analyze the business environment and make strategic decisions

3. Learn the essential components of the accounting principles, financial management, and marketing mix and how to use them to reach business sustainability.

Course Content

Required  Materials

1. Textbook content and case studies

2. Summary lecture slides on topics and activities.

3. Students need to read relevant content online and in-class

4. There will be mid-term quiz based on first portion (half) of the required textbook

5. There will be final quiz based on the second portion (half) of the required textbook

Required Text

Business Foundations: A Changing World (2023, 13th ed.) by Ferrell/Hirt/Ferrell (McGraw-Hill). ISBN-10 1264067496, ISBN-13 9781264067497

Assessment Scheme

AT1: Online/in-class participation

AT2: Group Business Demo Assignment

(Including Online/In-class Case Discussion Analysis)

AT3: Mid-term Quiz

AT4: Final Quiz

Updated on 20 September, 2023