5. NUS Enterprise Summer School - 陈俊熹 (CHEN JUNXI) (Corbin)

Release date:2020/03/30
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The most important thing I did this summer was I went to Singapore for NUS’s summer program. In this program, I not only learned a lot of professional business knowledge, but also experienced the culture and living atmosphere of different countries in Southeast Asia, which is very interesting and meaningful.

   On the first day of NUS, I lived in the campus of NUS and had a meeting with my clan members. In this program, we divided into 20 clans, which consisted of different countries’ students. In my clan, there were Vietnamese, Indonesian, Filipino, Pakistani and Singaporean. When I saw my clan members, I knew I would have a good time in NUS, because I could understand different countries’ culture and lifestyle, and I would make many new friends, who come from different countries. In the two weeks in Singapore, I proved my thoughts were true. I learned a lot about Southeast Asian countries. For example, Singapore’s mother tongue is Mandarin. At the end of the summer program, our clan members were also very reluctant to leave, and decided to meet again with each other in the future.

   In the two weeks at NUS, the thing we did the most was learning. We had a lot of courses about entrepreneurs, and they invited many well-known and successful people to share with us. In addition, they also took us to visit many well-known companies such as Google, and took us to experience their corporate culture, and invited them to share relevant experiences with us. This knowledge was very helpful for my study and life, as well as for working time, so that I realized I had taken a lot of detours. At the same time, they also took us to visit many famous places in Singapore, and even took us to the Singapore Zoo for dinner on the last day. Because of my laziness, I have never toured a dragon boat in Macau. This is a pity for me, but this time I did it in Singapore, and I was very happy. During my free day, my classmates and I went to Singapore Universal Studios and experienced many interesting projects. It was also a dream of my life.

   In the 14 days of NUS, I spent a life I had never experienced before, and I met many people who I could not imagine before. NUS gave me an opportunity to experience the culture of different countries. The collision of thoughts and the exchange of ideas with people of different nationalities gave me a great help and increased my knowledge. This summer exchange made my summer vacation very interesting and meaningful.