SABETZADEH Farzad 法扎德 助理教授

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Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business

City University of Macau



Farzad is an assistant professor of Knowledge and Innovation Management at the City University of Macau. He has more than a decade of track record in both academia and industry in developing knowledge-based innovation systems and processes. He is teaching various subjects on knowledge management, innovation, and entrepreneurship to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Greater China and Southeast Asia. With his diverse work and academic background in different regions, his current academic focus is on teaching, research and consultancy for innovation and entrepreneurship development in the Greater Bay Area (粵港澳大灣區), South East Asia and projects associated with China One Belt One Road Initiative (一带一路). He is also an active technology advisor to the IT industry and is involved in various academic events, talks, and seminars as well as research publications. Over the past decade, he has completed multiple projects on knowledge management, personalized learning environment, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC), Smart City, and Internet of Things (IoT).



1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

2. Knowledge Management, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

3. Collaborative Technologies in Teaching & Learning

4. Smart Technology (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT))

5. Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics in Education and Business

6. Data Modeling (SQL, NoSQL and Graph-based)



Topics of Emerging Developing Countries, Research Method, Organization Change, Studies on Special Topics





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